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In The Disc Golf Bag:
Disc Comments
DD Lucid Trespass
(171-174 gm)
The Trespass is a wide rim, high speed, overstable driver with precision control and maximum distance. A very accurate driver, a must for the arsenal.
DD Lucid Escape
(172-174 gm)
The Escape is a fairway driver designed to keep you in the fairway by keeping a true and consistent flight path from beginning to end of flight. Predictable flight characteristics power the Escape past all other fairway drivers, perfect for all skill levels.
DD Lucid Fugitive
(178-180 gm)
The Fugitive is the straight flying midrange driver that holds any line you put it on, pin-point accuracy and easy grip help for consistent release and accurate flights.
DD Classic Soft Judge
(174 gm)
The Judge is your go to putter in all conditions. Very versatile disc, holds a line and finishes straight on approach shots as well.
Latitude opto Villain
(170-174 gm)
Villain is an overstable driver designed for those who have a big arm and wants to go flat out in any condition. It can also be used for tomahawk throws and as a forehand finesse driver. Villain premiere edition is released in opto line.
Latitude gold Saint
(172 – 174)
New from Latitude 64° is the Saint. This has quickly become a new favourite among the people involved in our testing. Our experiences is that it is slightly overstable on drives up to 350 ft and has good carry. Compared to already existing models it is close to being a longer River. We have also learned that people with different playing styles and general conditions around them have different views on our molds so we prefer not to be too specific in our descriptions.
Latitude opto Pain
(176 – 178)
Pain is an overstable midrange with a reliable flight path. Good for players with lots of power and also for the avarage player who needs something to rely on when it´s windy. It´s overstable but still very easy to throw.
Latitude eze Line Mercey
Mercy is the latest putt and approach disc released by us. Designed with deeper rim and slower speed than our earlier putters, makes it a very good alternative in our putt and approach lineup. Stable and consistant flight for putting, approach and short drives. What else can you wish for? Made in our new plastic EZE line.
Westside VIP Warship
(178 – 180)
Reliable and straight flying professional midrange driver. Full product description will be available after extensive testing period. Westside Warship is a PDGA approved disc.